Asheville, NC

On our way to Asheville, we passed by the Bush Beans factory. Got a nice tour of the museum, learned about how beans are made… Did you know that the beans are cooked in the cans? They just put the blanched beans, the bacon, and the sauce together in the can, and then they cook them! Well, now you know.

Before we came to Asheville, we had never heard of Asheville. A small, very artsy, hippy, liberal city in the middle of North Carolina with breweries and coffee shops at every corner? None of this made sense until we actually got here. Apparently, there is a great amount of clay in this region, which ended up attracting many potters to the city. I’m not sure if that’s what started the community of artists and craftsmen, but there they were. Painters, potters, woodworkers, and etc… There was one lady who was a chair caner. All she did was to cane chairs. She also had an exhibit with all the different chair weave patterns from Mindy King. We also saw a lot of beautiful ceramics work. We definitely would have bought them… if we didn’t live in the RV… and we were working. 🙂 Anywho, this town is very cute with a lot of legit beer and food options. Sort of like a smaller sibling to Portland. Green Man IPA was a notable IPA I’ve had on this trip. Chai Pani was an excellent Indian restaurant with a delicious dish called “Sloppy Jai,” an Indian lamb version of sloppy Joe. The French Broad had excellent truffles and cakes. The picture with the books on the shelf? That’s all chocolate bars. People are nice, beer is overflowing, and there’s plenty of art.

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