Chattanooga, TN

Chattanooga is a surprisingly cute town.  It sits right at a bend along the Tennessee River.  We first drove through Lookout Mountain.  There is a national park – Point Park- at the top where one of the civil war battles took place.  It’s also the neighborhood where the older rich people live.  Later we walked around downtown and stumbled upon a lady spinning yarn at her bookstore.  It turns out Polly used to hand-make stuffed animals when she was younger but now runs her bookstore and spins yarn and knits.  We chatted for awhile with her and her assistant Kevin- both such welcoming people.  Then the next day I came back to learn how to spin yarn.  It’s a bit harder than it looks and it takes a lot of practice.  I spent the day with her talking and spinning and chatting with customers.  What a fun way to spend your older years!  At the end of the day, I ended up with a small irregular ball of yellow yarn.  Someone might get a small irregular scarf for Christmas!

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