We like to take public transportation when we can so we took the bus to the Frist- Nashville’s contemporary art museum.  Then for lunch we went to Jack’s BBQ- get the brisket- it’s delicious though it’s a shame that the sides all taste like canned food.  That’s my “meh” face after I tasted the baked beans.  After lunch we went to a neighborhood called Five Points- appropriately named because that’s where 5 streets come together- it’s an area that started developing 15 years ago.  We found a cute tea shop called High Garden- the vibe was so warm and communal- I wish Highland Park had a place like this.  We found our spirit animal- the unicorn- and it told us we should pursue something creative!  Perfect.  Later that night we went to the Bluebird Cafe and listened to some musicians.  It’s the holidays now so it was kind of Christmas-y.  It was a cozy night- I could see why people like performing here.  For a late night snack, we got some bourbon and went home and made maple bourbon glazed pecans.  So good…

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