Hot chicken is a thing here so that’s what we went for as soon as we got to Nashville.  Prince’s is well-known and when they say “hot” it’s like Asian spicy- not white spicy.  Can you tell from Moon’s face that it was hard work getting through a whole spicy chicken??   The chicken was yummy- mostly because it’s all made to order but the sides were blah- totally canned stuff is my guess.  That’s actually my complaint with the few other bbq places that we’ve been to- good meat but sides suck.  Then that night we went to the Johnny Cash Museum- it was OK but honestly most of the displays were just videos I could’ve watched on youtube- I’m not really sure it was worth it.  Though I did learn that he had his own ATM card called JOHNNYCASH.  Also there is a green screen get-your-photo-with-Johnny-for-20-bucks-stand but we chose to bypass that and take our low-fi picture with his picture.  Then later we walked around Broadway where most of the bars have live music.  Hmmm should we go see a country band or a western band?

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