Despite the rain and freezing temperatures, we walked around a lot in D.C.  A good pair of boots, lots of layers, and a heavy coat can make you feel like you can take any kind of weather.  On the first day we walked around the mall and went to the air and space museum.  We were hoping that the African-American museum would be open but nope- it wont be open for another year.  The next day we stood in line at the Supreme Court to listen to the justices’ oral arguments.  We were only in there a few minutes but it was interesting to see this part of the judicial process.  Then we went to the Library of Congress for a tour and got our library cards.  That is a very cool place- they even have Thomas Jefferson’s personal library and you can check out the books and look through them with white gloves on.  Later we had falafels at Amsterdam Falafel- they have a toppings bar- why haven’t I seen this before? I love this idea! Ugh… I wish the weather was better- it’s getting so cold and wet here.

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