Asheville, NC

On our way to Asheville, we passed by the Bush Beans factory. Got a nice tour of the museum, learned about how beans are made… Did you know that the beans are cooked in the cans? They just put the blanched beans, the bacon, and the sauce together in the can, and then they cook them!… Read the rest


Dollywood! This amusement park is filled with southern charm, grandmas and grandpas behind the counter, and a lot of Dolly holograms. The lines were pretty short for a lot of the rides, which was a welcome change from our experience at Disneyland where most of the rides to would take at least a 20 minute wait.… Read the rest

Gatlinburg, TN

Gatlinburg is kinda like Solvang. It feels somewhat historic, but mostly it’s touristy shops. It’s also known for all the moonshine distilleries. And these distilleries offer tastings like no other. You walk in, and there are multiple bars you could drink from, for free. Usually there are lines of people waiting to get their chance to drink from the communion cup of all the different flavors.… Read the rest


The Great Smoky Mountains is the most visited national park so of course we were curious.  Well as we were driving up, it started snowing a little bit.  Snow wasn’t something we were prepared for but people told us that we should just stay put until they clear the roads.  So no biggie and it ended up not snowing too much.  … Read the rest

Chattanooga, TN

Chattanooga is a surprisingly cute town.  It sits right at a bend along the Tennessee River.  We first drove through Lookout Mountain.  There is a national park – Point Park- at the top where one of the civil war battles took place.  It’s also the neighborhood where the older rich people live. … Read the rest

Birmingham, AL

Of course we looked for a BBQ place as soon as we got to Birmingham. We had this dish that had beets greens, pulled pork, fried onions and grits.  Then we went to this place called Workplay.  It’s a creative work space geared towards musicians.  They were staging a local version of an American Idol-like show that night- three finalist were from Birmingham so that probably makes local musicians hopeful.  … Read the rest

Huntsville, AL

Huntsville is known for the US Rocket and Space Center, but we went down there for another reason.  There was a Bernie Sanders volunteer training workshop that we attended.  We want to volunteer for his campaign so we thought that we should get some tips and also meet some Bernie supporters in Alabama. … Read the rest