Mexico City – Day 3

Our good friend Anthony Bourdain told us about a great breakfast spot called Fonda Margarita.  It was a nice experience eating with neighborhood people while listening to two older gentlemen singing by the door.  The food is cooked in clay pots over charcoal.  I cant say that the meats were all that yummy but the sauces and beans saved it.  It’s odd- sometimes the food isn’t all that great but it’s the whole experience that makes a great meal. Next we headed to Frida Kahlo’s house and museum.  Whoa- I love her clothes! I wish I had all her tops! Afterwards we went to Mercado San Juan and then the craft market to shop for some tops like Frida’s. Didn’t exactly find what I was looking for but that’s OK.  We ended the night with beers and another taco spot but El Califa still was the best.  The next morning we got breakfast at Mercado Medellin and then walked around a cemetery.  Dang- I wish I had been here for Day of the Dead.  Well Adios Mexico City… I will miss your great food and warm weather!

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