Mexico City – Day 2

Yummy and interesting things we ate today: tamales from a breakfast cart, huevos escamoles (eggs with ant larva), huevos huitlacoche (eggs with corn fungus), fried grasshopper… also there were street carts on every block. Can I just have a bite of everything??

Today we went to the Centro Historico. It was a 5 dollar Uber ride from our place- yup- Uber is the best way to get around. It’s cheap and safe- the locals don’t even take taxis of the street in Mexico City.  Anyways we went to the Zocalo and there was a protest happening- I think it had something to do with agriculture?  Then we went to a few of the major sites in the city center: Metropolitan Cathedral, Templo Major and Palacio del Belle Artes.  Oh yah – we finally got our mole fix at Azul Historico- a super cute place in a beautiful tree-covered courtyard.  Then we got dessert at El Moro- fresh churros and thick Mexican hot chocolate.  Later that night we tried to walk off all the calories on the Paseo de la Reforma and found a popular hang out spot where several girls were taking their quinceanera photos. I checked my iPhone that night and we walked about 28,000 steps. So pooped…we got into bed around midnight.  But we both realized that we hadn’t had a proper dinner. After about 15 minutes of going back and forth, Moon finally forced me out of bed and we walked to El Califa- the supposed best taqueria in the city. Fine….I guess… Well- it was an awesome meal!  Al pastor tacos, best salsas, coconut juice and grilled onions. Mmmmm…now we can sleep.

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