Playa Mujeres

Oh the Beloved… how we loved and loathed thee.  This was an all inclusive resort (which included all food and alcohol) where my high school friend Shine was getting married. Being at an all inclusive resort is kinda like being at a buffet- ALL DAY. This means we were either drinking, eating, resting, or thinking of what else to order for drinks and food- total gluttony- though ordering room service every night before we went to bed was a nice treat. But hey-considering we were living out of our RV only a week before, this was paradise: 2 sinks, a jacuzzi, unlimited mini-bar (yup- that’s me showering in vodka and whisky), large shower with seating, our own pool, and of course, all my old high school friends- some of whom I haven’t seen in years! It felt somewhat surreal to be spending time at the beach with old high school friends, drinking margaritas, kayaking, paddle-boarding, soaking in the sun…

The ceremony was, of course, beautiful. There was some fear of possible thunderstorm, but the weather ended up being perfect. Against the backdrop of the blue Cancun ocean and white powder sand beach, it was picture perfect. Except for the random 6 year old girl in her bathing suit who crashed the ceremony and chatted loudly with her grandmother sitting 20 feet away… foreigners… but I guess that kinda adds an odd quirkiness to remember it all.

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