I love Vermont- everything is so charming, they really support local products/businesses, sustainability is important to folks there and I’m on a similar political wavelength with the politics.  If Vermont weren’t so cold, I’d consider living there.  It’s from the French- green mountain- though because it was October, all the hills were orange.  The leaves turning colors in the fall is a big topic in New England- people talk about it a lot.  It’s a worthy topic because having seen the leaves change color since September on the west coast to the east coast in November, we’ve seen the progression.  My favorite are the coral/red leaves- they’re so brilliant.  We went to 2 towns in Vermont- Burlington and Montpelier.  We picked up some Bernie Sanders shwag in Burlington then spent the night at a maple syrup farm (sugar shack).  As soon as we pulled into the farm, a group of folks who had just ended their ski training meeting handed us some local beers which made Moon love Vermont even more.  We walked around the maple trees and did you know that it takes about 40 gallons of watery sap to make 1 gallon of maple syrup?  The trees are all connected by a series of tubes that bring the sap to one location.  This all happens in the spring for about 4-5 weeks, then the sap becomes too thick to collect and too bitter in flavor.  Later we went to the Ben and Jerry’s factory and did a tour. It was OK but all we saw were some videos and some employees cleaning the equipment.

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