So there’s a statue of Sylvester Stallone- as Rocky in front of the Philadelphia Art Museum.  Kinda odd, no? So of course we took a photo with him and then went into the museum.  We’re in Philly at my uncle’s for Thanksgiving.  I hope you guys out there have a nice Thanksgiving!!… Read the rest


The Mutter Museum is not for squeamish people.  It’s a medical museum with all sorts of parts of the human body.  I actually couldn’t look at everything- how many babies in jars can you really take in a day?  I appreciated it though since we are watching The Knick right now and this museum captures that time period in medicine and surgery. … Read the rest

Blue Hill at Stone Barns

I’ve been wanting to go to Blue Hill since I saw Chef’s Table.  This place is beautiful- it used to be a dairy and is now a working farm and restaurant.  We walked around the farm for a bit and then lined up to get a seat at the bar. It was a beautiful and yummy meal and we ended up sitting next to another couple from LA which made our meal even more pleasant.… Read the rest

Storm King Art Center

We had the best day. Storm King is a large sculpture park with large sculptures.  We ran around taking photos, eating snacks and looking for art.  Then we went to a cosy Italian place for dinner and had yummy meatballs and pizza…perfect day!… Read the rest

Beacon, NY

Beacon is a really cute town on the Hudson River.  DIA:Beacon has been there since 2003 which has helped put this town on the map.  A lot of New Yorkers have also started moving here- either to live and work here or commute into the city.  It also seemed like a town where a lot of younger entrepreneurs are starting businesses. … Read the rest


We stopped by Mark Twain’s (Samuel Clemens) house in Hartford and caught the last tour.  Geez- these winter days are so short. We started the tour at 4:30 and it was relatively light and by the time it was over, it was pitch black and freezing by 5:30.  Anyways Twain had married an heiress and built this amazing house and wrote many of his well-known novels here. … Read the rest


I’ve been hearing about a bakery in Providence, Rhode Island from S for years. The fruit tarts are suppose to be amaaaazing.  So Moon and I headed there for the day while in Boston.  The town is really cute – parts of it looked like a film set.  We walked around and went to the RISD museum and had paella for lunch then we drove to Federal Hill to Pastiche. … Read the rest