We went to a town called Maharishi Vedic City.  This is the town that Oprah did a TV show on and called it the most unusual town in the US.  Its a town that the yogi who taught the Beatles built in the middle of Iowa.  The townspeople all practice transcendental meditation. They’ve also imported “pandits” from India- men who have been meditating since a young age- to increase the amount of people meditating. Oh also they can fly, but right now they are in the hopping phase.  Moon and I got an intro to TM and it sounds great- maybe one day we’ll sign up!

We toured the state capitol building in Des Moines.  It was one of the nicest state capitol buildings we’ve seen. I would love working there if I was a politician.  Speaking of politics, we were in Iowa City for the Democratic Debate so we went to a Bernie Sanders organized viewing party.  The energy was great and I’ve become a total fan of the guy.

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