Why did we go to Lincoln, NE? The only reason to go is to attend a Cornhuskers home game. This is college football yet this stadium packed about 90,000 people and every home game has sold out since 1962.  The whole day was quite an experience- especially for us since we’re not particularly football fans.  We started out the night before looking for some gear- gotta get the gear. A corn hat was cute but not 20 dollars cute.  Tailgating is also a major part of the day. It looked like people devoted a lot of specialized vehicles to the sport of tailgating. There were some fancy rigs outfitted just for this purpose. There are also corporate booths in the mix trying to get your attention. We stopped at the Charbroil booth and Moon tried to win a smoker and guess what??? He won!! We have a new smoker about to get shipped back to our place! I’m so excited to use it when we get back home! So the streets are filled with fans in red and it’s a very festive vibe in Lincoln.  The marching band practices for the fans on campus- that was cool to watch. They kept on calling them the “pride of Nebraska.”  So we get to the game and Moon explains the rules of the game. Alright I get it but I think it makes it hard to watch when I’m not rooting for one team or the other. I mostly just appreciate good plays  whether it’s Nebraska or Wisconsin.  I didn’t realize how quickly the tide can turn in a football game. In the last few minutes, you thought that Nebraska would win but in the last 1 minute, Wisconsin ended up winning. Fans were super happy and then super bummed.


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