The main attraction in Wall is a large drug store that sells everything.  It’s a kitsch roadside attraction with a nice story and great marketing. Wall is in South Dakota but as far as Wyoming a few days before, we were seeing signs for Wall Drugs. So by the time we got near, there was all this anticipation for Wall Drug. Was it worth the hype? Well it is what it is and the signs just make you wanna go there. Its much more than a Disneyfied place to buy tchotchkes, maybe do a little shopping and eat a meal or some donuts. There is lots of wall space devoted to the founders and their recent family history and other local history.  You can say a prayer at the traveler’s chapel. They also have a replica of Mt Rushmore in the back and we weren’t able to see it the day before because of the fog so we snapped a pic of the faux version. Good enough.

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