There are pockets of neighborhoods in Detroit that feel like there is a community there and other parts that feel totally abandoned except for a few homes here and there.  All the empty lots you see in a block are from houses that burned down.  Oh yah and it’s been a Halloween tradition to set houses on fire in Detriot. … Read the rest


Not much to report from northern Indiana. We went through some pretty Amish towns and countryside and sampled a lot of cheeses.  You would think that the Amish diet would be healthy, but from what they sell to tourists, it seems like they eat a lot cheese, bread, noodles, popcorn and peanut butter spread.  … Read the rest


We stayed with G+V in Logan Square in Chicago.  It’s a cute newly gentrified neighborhood north of downtown.  There is a ton of stuff to see in Chicago.  We happened to be there during the Open House Chicago where you can go into buildings that aren’t usually open to the public.… Read the rest


We went to a town called Maharishi Vedic City.  This is the town that Oprah did a TV show on and called it the most unusual town in the US.  Its a town that the yogi who taught the Beatles built in the middle of Iowa.  The townspeople all practice transcendental meditation.… Read the rest


Why did we go to Lincoln, NE? The only reason to go is to attend a Cornhuskers home game. This is college football yet this stadium packed about 90,000 people and every home game has sold out since 1962.  The whole day was quite an experience- especially for us since we’re not particularly football fans.  … Read the rest


We went to an event called Junkstock. It’s like a flea market on a farm with bands and food. There was a lot of refurbished things like the old speaker covers and fans that were turned into lamps. And there was a lot of literal junk. We again tried the Indian Frybread Tacos and still not very good.Read the rest


What did we do in Omaha? We ate a lot of meat. We went searching for good jerky and didnt really find any- I think what we think of as good jerky is different than the Midwestern idea of good jerky. We also went to a steakhouse out in the countryside called Farmer Browns.… Read the rest