We started the morning at Water Avenue Coffee then got in line bright and early for the RV show. The priciest rig was about $600,000 dollars and had 3 TV’s, a laundry room, bunk beds, loft, garage, porch…etc.  I guess these are the kinds of vehicles that bands tour the country in.  These rigs are seriously enormous.  The funny thing is that the only people driving these large RVs are older retired people; so if you see one on the road, give them a lot of room… It feels like being a bus driver sitting in the driver’s seat of a Class-A size RV.

One of the cutest trailers was from a company called NEST. There were also a lot of trailer tents- something you don’t see too many of in LA. It’s like a cross between a tent and a trailer. I personally dont see the point but they seem to be popular in Oregon.  The A-frame ones were pretty cute.

After the show, we started our rainy drive to Tillamook.

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