We drove up the coast to Astoria-a very cute town on a hill by the Columbia River. We ate seafood and then went to a brewery for more seafood.  The brewery was built by the pier where sea lions hang out so they built a window that you can view the sea lions through.  Later as we walked around the town, Moon was tickled to see a video store here.  We parked our RV in a neighborhood about 6 blocks away from the ocean but still you could hear the sea lions barking at night.  The midwest as crickets, Astoria has sea lions.  The next day we had breakfast at the cozy Columbian Cafe. My friend Jody did a photo book on them!

So about the Goonies House…the owner does not want you to come see it. We had heard from residents that she had covered her house with a blue tarp to discourage tourists. Well, duh…that makes people want to see it more.

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