I think most of what we were excited about was the food in Portland.  There are an abundant number of cute casual delicious restaurants. So we were looking forward to Pok Pok which we had for lunch and then had an ice cream flight at Salt and Straw.  Why don’t more ice cream shops do flights?

Later we went to OMSI- the science museum and did a tour of the submarine used in Hunt for Red October. The tour was led by a real life submarine repairman.  This sub had 3 chefs and 1 pastry chef- nice perk huh?  For dinner we went to Hopworks Organic Brewery and Moon got a flight with 10 beers. We both agreed- the NW IPA was the best. It started raining just as we were leaving and we got back home before it started really coming down.

So… I have to tell you about the 2 accidents that I caused in Oregon.

Accident #1: I drove the RV into a small town and the side mirror hit the side mirror of an Escalade.  I turned the corner and parked- eek. I thought I was in for a mess.  Moon walked over to the car and the guy was still on the phone and said it was fine- that the mirror still worked. Then I walked over to apologize since I was the driver and there was a scratch on his mirror but he was not bothered at all! I could not believe it.

Accident #2: It was my first time driving the scooter with Moon as the passenger (we were leaving a brewery and he was tipsy)  and I pulled out of a parking spot and drove too fast into a parked car’s fender. Eek- I felt dumb- I had just passed the CA Motorcycle class! We left our number and again- no call. Thank you Oregon for being so mellow about your cars.

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