Around 6 in the morning, we realized we had parked by a construction zone and had to move because of all the noise. We decided to park by Pine State Biscuit which was only a few blocks away. So guess what we had for breakfast? It started raining that morning and I – as a girl from LA- was freezing all day in this wet 50 degree weather. But all the folks that live here weren’t at all fazed by this weather. They were still biking and walking around in short sleeves, dresses and shorts. I was amazed by how NOT COLD people were here. I guess you develop a thick skin when you have to deal with an average of 155 days of rain a year.

That morning we did a walking tour of the city and learned a lot of cool facts about Portland.  My favorite was that Voodoo Donuts used to put aspirin in one of their “hangover” donuts.  Another fact is that Portland was founded and named by two guys- one of who was from Portland, Maine (creative huh?) Its nickname is Stumptown because the land here was a forest and because two guys couldn’t remove all the tree stumps, they just left them there- thus Stumptown.  Oh yah Portland also has the world’s smallest park and a leprechaun lives there.

We had lunch at Boxer Ramen and then headed home early and did some work on the RV ripping out some nasty carpet that got wet when our water jug broke as we rounded a curb.

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