The first day we got here, it was a beautiful fall day- sunny and breezy and we were like…we could  live here. We went to the Saturday Market, got coffee and browsed books at Powells.  Then we went to the Maker Fair where I played with bees, learned to make a fire with sticks and got our faces scanned in 3D.  There was a also a tesla coil demo where the old guy shot electricity through a banana on top of the coil.  He had also made the coils himself!  Later that night we had Hainan chicken at Nong’s Khao Man Gai and ended the night with Voodoo Donuts. We walked all around the city and then at night, parked our RV in the southeast part of the city and did our first night of stealth camping. We closed up our blinds and pretended no one was home.

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