Joyce, WA

Salt Creek Farm- run by Doug and Lee- was our second farm that we documented for WWOOF.  They have a CSA program that really puts the “community” back into community supported agriculture.  Members of the CSA come out on Thursday and Friday to help harvest and put the 40 or so boxes together.  … Read the rest

Manzanar, CA

After the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, the relocation of Japanese Americans began around 1942.  11,000 Japanese- most of whom were citizens- were forcibly moved to Manzanar- only one of a dozen camps.  After the war when these Japanese were then told to leave the camps, they had lost their businesses, homes and several years of their lives. … Read the rest

Olympic National Park, WA


Olympic National Park is probably our favorite national park.  It’s misty and magical and in September the mushrooms start popping up everywhere.  It’s a temperate rainforest so it’s quite wet most of the year but luckily we had a few days of dry weather so that camping wasn’t miserable- though we did miss our RV.  … Read the rest

Seattle, WA

We spent a few days in Seattle in between farms.  It’s such a walkable city and I love how it’s surrounded by water.  It feels like a more grown-up version of Portland.  I could live there if not for the rain and gloom.  We walked around Pike Place, downtown and the Sculpture Garden. … Read the rest

Bayside, CA

Last year Moon and I got a grant from WWOOF to take photos and make videos about our wwoofing experiences.  Spring Hill Farmstead was our first stop.  Karin runs a goat farm and is in the process of building a milking parlor so that she can be a licensed cheesemaker.  It goes without saying that we ate goat cheese everyday.… Read the rest

Cuyamaca Rancho State Park, CA

Our last day and night on the trip was fun and magical.  We stopped by Jacumba which is another border town where the crossing was blocked off after Sept 11.  The fence is a prominent feature of this place.  We went down to the literal border to take photos and within a few minutes a border policeman showed up in his car.  … Read the rest

Mexicali, Mexico

Mexicali is a border town whose sister city is Calexico.  Cute names, huh? We wanted to go because we heard the Chinese food there is interesting- kind of a fusion of the two cultures.  It was very easy walking across the border.  You enter a building and go through a gate and there is barely and security there.  … Read the rest